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“I have worked with Kerry in several contexts; from serving on a board for which she was the E.D., to working shoulder-to-shoulder on a number of intricate projects. Having the word, \"Integrity\" in the title of her company could not be more appropriate: no one in my experience exemplifies working with integrity than does Kerry. Furthermore, Kerry exudes a calm energy that brings out the best in people; and her creativity - whether focused on process or product - is remarkably nuanced. Her management style is one that inspires and motivates in lieu of command; and tends to yield results as close to vision as humanly possible...sometimes even more.”

 Kile Ozier Executive Producer/Client & Colleague Amnesty International

Recent Projects

  • Children's Pre-School Center Palo Alto
  • Elios Society
  • Elios Charitable Foundation
  • Bring Me A Book Foundation