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Articulate Integrity


Kerry Katherine Enright

Articulate Integrity is a management-consulting firm serving the nonprofit sector. Since 1997, we have assisted both nonprofit organizations and charitable foundations. Our work is verifiably successful, on time, on budget, and completely focused on our client’s needs, allowing them to accomplish their mission more effectively and productively.

Articulate Integrity provides a number of services:

Consultation/Management/Technical Assistance – Charitable Foundations

Articulate Integrity provides charitable foundations with expert day – to – day oversight and management required.  We also act as technical assistance consultants when a grantor requests oversight and mentoring for grantee projects and organizations.  We can draft and file all requisite nonprofit documentation with the IRS and states to secure nonprofit status, draft by-laws, articles of association and fully “set-up” new nonprofit organizations.

Interim Executive Director Services

The principal, Kerry Enright, is an experienced, seasoned nonprofit executive – who takes on interesting and complex IED assignments as her work allows.

Organizational Development, Business & Strategic Planning

With an experienced eye, Articulate Integrity conducts full-scale organizational assessments, and strategic/business planning retreats every year, for both large and small agencies. Our style is to bring a business sensibility to the nonprofit sector – leading our clients to create detailed plans allowing for the realization of their organizational dreams, and a point-by-point business plan that creates ownership and quarterly deliverables to allow the plan to succeed.

Transition & Recruitment – Executive Director Search

From start to finish, Articulate Integrity manages the entire executive transition process when a nonprofit needs to hire new leadership. Having helped found and design the Executive Transitions program at Compass Point in San Francisco, and training consultants from across the US, Articulate Integrity is one of the premier leaders in the Bay Area nonprofit executive search field.


Articulate Integrity has decades of experience developing and facilitating all types of retreats and work sessions that actually accomplish the stated goals. We also facilitate public meetings, as our background in mediation is helpful in maintaining an objective posture. In some cases, we are asked to facilitate contentious meetings, allowing those with opposing viewpoints to find common ground.


“I have worked with Kerry in several contexts; from serving on a board for which she was the E.D., to working shoulder-to-shoulder on a number of intricate projects. Having the word, \"Integrity\" in the title of her company could not be more appropriate: no one in my experience exemplifies working with integrity than does Kerry. Furthermore, Kerry exudes a calm energy that brings out the best in people; and her creativity - whether focused on process or product - is remarkably nuanced. Her management style is one that inspires and motivates in lieu of command; and tends to yield results as close to vision as humanly possible...sometimes even more.”

 Kile Ozier Executive Producer/Client & Colleague Amnesty International

Recent Projects

  • Children's Pre-School Center Palo Alto
  • Elios Society
  • Elios Charitable Foundation
  • Bring Me A Book Foundation